Professional Criminal Investigation Training In Abu Dhabi

Professional Criminal Investigation Training In Abu Dhabi

Have you always fancied being like the famous Sherlock Holmes? Here is your chance to begin a career as an Investigator, Special Agent or Detective with professional criminal investigation training in Abu Dhabi from Eastnation.

Our tutors are well versed and highly experienced in all aspects of criminal investigation. During the course, our trainers will provide you with various real life case studies and will also keep you on track with all the current happenings around the world. Here are few of the main topics we cover in this extensive yet interesting course :

- Stages of Interview & Interrogation Techniques
- Bloodstain Pattern Evidence Analysis for Crime Scene Reconstruction
- Homicide & Forensic Death Investigation
- Homicide Investigation: From Crime Scene to Courtroom
- Solving Homicides: Investigative Steps to Success
- Use of Force, Deadly Force and Officer Involved Shooting Investigation
- Computers & Electronic Devices as Criminal Evidence
- Investigative Techniques Using Social Networking Sites, Linux Previewing Utilities and Software Applications

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